Keeping Crafty: DIY Nail Prints

Monday, December 3, 2012
I love finding in ways to make my nails unique! It's easy, fun, and the possibilities are endless on this one!  I attempted to create newspaper nails and it came out great. The steps are very easy and the results were great. The best part is there are endless about of ways to create this look. I plan on trying this again but I'll be using maps. Check it out, try it out and tell me your thoughts :)

How to create newspaper nails:

1) Paint nails, let dry

2) Dip nails in rubbing alcohol for 5 ish seconds (also dip the newpaper clipping, map, ect. in the alcohol super quick)

3) Press paper down on nails, leave for 15 seconds.

4) Presto! You have super neat and unique nails :)


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