Keeping Crafty: DIY Scarf

Monday, December 3, 2012
Scarfs are one of my favorite accessories to wear, especially in the winter. There are so many different ways to wear them and it can jazz up any outfit. I decided why not create my very own scarf and so I did! :)  The best part is you get to completely customize it in length, color and size.

Make your own super cool scarf:

1. Go to a thrift store and buy a shirt. The best ones to use should be extra wide and long in length.
2. Cut across so the armpit and neck of the shirt is separate from the shirt bottom.
3. Cut shirt across in long stripes. Choose the if you want thick or thin strips (makes a difference with size of strands). Make sure to leave an inch + at the end! The shirt stripes should all still be connected at the end.
4. Pull the stripes to add more length.
5. Now you have a fancy, super cool accessory that's handmade by you!

The scarf that I created!

Happy crafting everyone!


  1. Hi Girl!
    I love your creativity and your heart for your blog - SO I nominated you for the "Very Inspiring Bloggers award" :)
    Hope you enjoy!!
    Check out your nomination on my page here:


    1. Thank you so much Angela! Love your blog too! You have wonderful fashion sense! :) I'm going to add your button on my blog so others can enjoy your blog as well!


  2. Really creative! Love seeing people be original!


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