Skinny Pop Popcorn {Review}

Monday, March 18, 2013
I recently got to review a product that satisfies my snack cravings. Skinny Pop is a company with great popcorn full of taste. The best part is the popcorn is full of taste with nothing artificial added. The only ingredients you will find in the bag are popcorn, sunflower oil, and salt. One cup of popcorn is only 39 calories!
What you should know about Skinny Pop:
-It's all natural
-Low calorie (39 calories per cup)
-Trans fat free
-Dairy free
-Peanut Free
-Tree nut free
-Gluten free
-GMO free (nothing is genetically
-No preservatives
-Good source of fiber (3g per serving)
-And it tastes great! 

What I liked about the popcorn was it has so much taste with only 3 ingredients. I wish that they carried this popcorn at the movie theaters. I would free less guilty for eating so much popcorn in a 3 hour span ;)

To learn more check out their Twitter, Facebook, or website!

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  1. I've tried Skinny Pop and I'm hooked! I just ordered 7 bags online....not sure yet which stores sell it. I have to say, this has the extra buttery taste of movie theater popcorn but is actually healthy for you.....and low cal!!! That's a Win Win in my book! :)


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