The Organic Candy Factory {Review}

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This sweet tooth lady was excited to get to review some products by The Organic Candy Factory. I LOVE sweet tasting treats but dislike that questionable ingredients are included (artificial ingredients, horse hooves, and substances I can't even pronounce).  When I first heard of The Organic Candy Factory it was like a breath of fresh air; a treat I can free good about!
Why was They Organic Candy Factory created?
Piper Cochrane is a mother that is very conscientious about what her daughter and her family eat. When her daughter, Ginger, decided that she wanted to open a candy store (every child's fantasy) mom decided that it had to be Organic and include only natural ingredients! 

"We all like sweets, but with all the junk candy out there, it had to be Organic Candy only! I go to my daughter’s school a lot and notice that so many children have candy in their lunch boxes that are full of dyes, chemicals, toxins, Gelatin (otherwise known as horse hoof) and more. We will offer the alternative”! 

 For my review I got to try the gummy cubs, fruit slice gummies, jelly beans, and hard candies. I really enjoyed all the candies. All the products were very sweet and soft, a different texture than a typical gummy bear. My favorite product would have to be the Organic Sugar Sprinkled Gummy Cubs!

 By far I have to say the most important aspect of these candies is what they don't have!

-Gelatin Free 
-Gluten Free 
-Pesticide Free
-Preservative Free 
-Nut Free
-Tree Nut Free
-No Artificial colors
- No Artificial flavors 
-No Artificial sweeteners

And of course only organic ingredients are used! 

I'm not the only happy customer of The Organic Candy Factory. Kelly Preston gave a shout out to the company in People Magazine. 

If you are looking for a candy company with great products that are thoughtfully made check out The Organic Candy Factory.


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