Drink Chia! {Review}

Monday, May 13, 2013

Finding healthy options is important to me. I have known Chia seeds were a wonderful super food and yet I didn't really know how to incorporate it in my diet. Drink Chia makes it easy to add chia in your life!

About Drink Chia!:
We are guided by the relentless focus to inspire people to be engaged in their health, try new things, seek adventure, and be active in their communities.

Everything begins with our “Shake it Baby” concept. It implies two things:
1. To shake the drink up, and
2. To get out and make things happen, to do something productive and meaningful, to make a difference.

We don’t want the seeds to settle in the bottle…settling implies going nowhere, being complacent. So…

Be active, be mindful of your health, your family, and the world around you!
We genuinely appreciate you taking a moment to dive into what our world looks like!

I just LOVE this company's motto. Shake life up and be active within the world around you.

What I got to review:

-Lemon Blueberry
-Honeysuckle Pear
-Strawberry Citrus
-Mango Tangerine

I will be honest...at first I didn't know if I liked the taste. The seeds have a jelly like texture I wasn't use to. After the first bottle I got use to the taste and now I love the drinks! The seeds actually add a fun twist to the liquid. My favorite by far was the lemon blueberry (yummy)! Overall, the drink felt great and I know my body felt great too. Try the super food drink and see how it makes you feel!

 Benefits of Chia Seeds 
-prolonged hydration
-balances blood sugar levels
-natural antioxidant
-rich with Omega 3 essential fatty acids
-increase heart health
-increase brain health

Connect with Drink Chia!:

Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.


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