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Thursday, May 9, 2013

About Mont Bleu:
-Mont Bleu is a Czech Republic based company with an expertise in producing and decorating various beauty tools, gifts and fine jewelry. 
-Glass production traditions held in Czech Republic were fully implemented in our glass nail files production technology, which make us a logical choice when looking for the right glass nail files producers. 
-Our team consists of gifted designers, successful sales managers, responsible logistics, and most important of all it consists of believe in quality.
-Mont Bleu truly believes that neither aesthetic beauty nor functionality can be compromised when producing and decorating the finest beauty tools.That is why all of our products are made only from high quality materials, and had been meticulously decorated and controlled.
-Our decoration process involves only original Swarovski crystals and priceless hand work.

Where the glass nail files are created

What I reviewed:

Austrian Crystal Earrings

-Crystal earrings "Crystal Vitrail Medium"
-Covered with hypo allergic metal 
-Crystal size: 6mm/0.24 inches. 
-Does not contain zinc or any other harmful metals. 
-Made with Swarovski Elements

Assorted Glass nail files

1 foot file, 

1 medium file
1 purse size file 

-Perfect set of high quality nail files for manicure and pedicure care. My files were presented in a black protective case.
-All glass nail files are made from Czech tempered glass and are ideal care of personal hygiene of your nails. 

-These glass nail files will serve you for a lifetime; we give unlimited guaranty on abrasive surface. 
-Czech made glass nail files prevent nails from splitting and do not damage them; take good care of your nails with these gentle care glass nail files.

What I thought:
First off, the attention to detail in these pieces are evident. I love the earrings and plan to wear them anytime I get the chance. When the light hits them right they have a brilliant sparkle and burst of colors. They are the type of earrings that you will get a lot compliments on when you wear them. The files are so beautiful I almost didn't want to use them. The nails files are unlike any I have ever seen. These would make the perfect gift for any nail lover because they are a rare find. I can tell that each piece was made by an artist with attention to detail and design. The crystal stones on the files make me feel like a I have a million bucks! What girl doesn't love some sparkle in her life ;)

Connect with Mont Bleu:

Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.


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