Piddle Place {Review}

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

About the Piddle Place: 

Piddle Place is an easy-to-use pet relief system that's convenient and cost effective alternative to disposable pet pads and expensive dog walkers! Piddle Place's compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for small space living and travel (especially RV's and boats!) and is recommended for use with dogs up to 35 lbs. Maintaining your Piddle Place is a breeze when you use specially formulated Piddle Place cleaning supplies, saving you time and energy that can be better spent enjoying your pet!

How does it work?


This product is turning heads and getting recognized!
Pet Product News Editors Choice Best New Product 2013
Best in Show Pet Expo 2013

 What we thought of the Piddle Place:

The Piddle Place is a great solution for smaller dogs that don't have constant access to the outdoors. Live in a condo, apartment, traveling on a boat? This is a great alternative to your dog going outside!

The equipment  is easy to set up and has natural looking turf and grooves under the mat. This means ideal drainage and no wet paws for your pup. The reservoir in the system keeps all urine at the bottom and the Bio-Enzyme Treatment is makes the smell of waste non existent. When it's ready to be cleaned up, just open the spout and pour contents into the toilet. It's that simple! Make another Bio-Enzyme Treatment  for the Piddle Place and your good to go!

Say goodbye to...

expensive puppy pads
urine damage to floors
potty training accidents

What I liked most about this....

You Are Protected By Our Guarantee!

If the amazing features and benefits of the Piddle Place™, and the incredible success stories of our happy clients and their pets are not enough, we will go one step further.  You are protected by our 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee.  If your Piddle Place™ unit arrives damaged, or breaks within the first 90 days, we will replace it absolutely FREE.  You just have to return the damaged or broken unit, and a brand new unit will be sent.  We stand behind the superior quality of our product 100%.

I feel like when I company put a 100% guarantee with their product, you know it's going to be of superior quality. The Piddle Place take pride in their product and know that if you try it once, you'll love it as well!

We give the Piddle Place two paws up! :)

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