Review: Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer & Sterilizer

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
I don't know about you but when my little one is hungry she wants some warm on the double. For the most part we nurse. Sometimes you do use bottles though. Daddy likes to feed Lily and during family visits the grandparents love to give her a bottle. When bottle feeding clean bottles and warm milk are a must. Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer & Sterilizer is a great addition to our feeding routine!

Compact & modern design. 

How we use this product the most is for the sterilization component of the device. We use this for bottle, bottle nipples and small pump parts. Our household washes everything by hand and sometimes it can be hard to get the brush to reach every part.  I want to make sure that the inside of all the nipples and parts are is 100% clean. It only takes minutes and I know that they are germ free. The process is simple. It can also be used with teethers to which I love. How many times does my little throw her teething toys on the ground? Too many time to count!

Sterilizing Process:
1. Measure and add 45 ml of water to the unit.
2. Add parts to the basket.
3. Place lit of top of unit.
4. Press button (orange light means it's on). Once the process is complete that light goes off and unit turns shuts down as well.

Great for sterilizing bottles nipples.


The second use for this is warming breast milk, formula, and food! Meals are safely and evenly warmed. The provided chart and measuring cup make it easy to know the correct amount of water need for what you are preparing. Getting your little ones food ready to eat only takes a few minutes!

Warming Process:
1. Measure and add the proper amount of water to the basin. Refer to warming chart. 
2. Add bottle/food to the basket.
3. Press button down to start warming. The orange light means it's working.
4. When the light turns off your ready to remove bottle/food from basket!

Use to warm milk and baby food.

If you're looking for a convenient, multi use product for feeding...check out the Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer & Sterilizer.

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February FitSnack Box

Monday, March 12, 2018
As I said in my previous post, I'm really trying to eat better this year! After last month's Fit Snack box I was ready to see what February's box would bring. Each month is different and you don't pick your snacks so I was hoping for more products I would eat. I like the fact that each month is a surprise because I get items I might not normally grab at the store. This month I had a lot of hits and a few misses in this box. I'm ok with that though because at least I tried something out of my comfort zone. Keep reading to see what my favorite items in this box were!

Snacks delivered right to my house!

About Fit Snack

Sisters Anita and Rose Muniz are the duo behind Fit Snack. They realized that taking the leap to live a healthier life is not always easy.  The grocery store is lined with high sugar, over processed foods, not everyone has access to Sprouts or Whole Foods and it's really hard to know what new healthy snacks you will like without tasting them. The Fit Snack duo decided that they would curate an assorted box every month and on top of that, include at home workouts and bonuses like free music downloads.

February's Box

This was my second month with Fit Snack and this box was pretty good. I have a sweet tooth and there seemed to be a few items that satisfied my sweet tooth. There was a little bit of everything in the box. This months box has bars, a dinner side, a protein drink, tea bags, and so much more. 

My favorite item this month was the Justin's Almond Butter! This was my first time eating almond butter and it didn't disappoint. The small pouches are perfect for on the go travel. Paired with a few wheat crackers and made for a great in between meal pick up me. There was also a cardio challenged sheet included in this box that I thought was neat. It gave you a list of various activities to try and complete each week. I love lists and checking things off when completed so this sheet was a win for me. 

The only item I really didn't care for were the Protes chips. They were suppose to be salted caramel flavored but in my opinion they didn't have much flavor at all. I only ate one chip from the bag. The SporTea I could have because with nursing I have to be cautious with herbal ingredients. It was an item that my husband could have though. 

Box Breakdown

Fullgreen Vegi Rice
Low carb side for dinner

Freedom Bar
Simple ingredients with no preservatives

Manitoba Harbest
Soft seeds with 10 grams of protein per serving

Almond butter that's simple but delicous

Sparkling water with 20 grams of protein

Skratch Labs Energy Bar
Gives sustained energy with real ingredients

Protes Protein Chips
Made from pea protein

Zero calorie tea that helps fight stress and sustain energy

February's Fit Snack Items.

Overall I enjoyed almost everything in this box. Now on it guessing what will be in March's Fit Snack box!

What to get 20% off your first box? Click here!

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Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Teething Time: Nuby To The Rescue

Friday, March 9, 2018
I'm learning that when teething starts to doesn't really stop. Our little one started teething a few months ago and the process hasn't let up. It's all the common symptoms...LOTS of drooling, chewing on everything, a little more fussy at times. We haven't seen any teeth yet but I know it's coming. Luckily for us Nuby teething products have really helped in the process and makes it more bearable for little Lily. There are some of Lillian's new favorites she has been using!

NanaNubs Massager

Alright...can we talk about how adorable this teether is. It's so funny to see her hold a little fruit in her hand. This cute teether is the perfect size for her to hold. She grabs onto the peels and chews on the super soft silicone bristles. You can tell when she uses it that it comforts her sore gums. The bristles are also great for getting her use to the feeling of brushing her teeth. This one is definitely my favorite to watch her use. Lily also seems to be bananas for it as well!

3 Stage Teether Set with Wipes

I love finding bundles and this is the ultimate teething essential that covers all stages of the process. This sets comes with:

Step 1: Teeth-eez Super Soft Teehter
Step 2: Softess Soft Silicone Teether
Step 3: Softess hard and Soft Teether
All Natural Pacifier and Teether Wipes

Lily has been loving all the teethers so far but it's cool that each one will help in specific stages of when teeth start to erupt. The first step is targeted for massaging the front gums. It has soft tiny bristles. The second step has several textures and will help with getting ready for the food chewing stage. The last step teether looks like a hand and has several different textures on the top of each finger. Lily seems to enjoy the fact that it has a hard and soft side to each. 

The set also comes with wipes. This is my first time using wipes just for teethers but what a lifesaver when you are out and about. How many times has your little one thrown what they were holding on the ground? These wipes are so convenient and most importantly safe! I leave it in the diaper bag and don't have to worry about being without a clean teether to help soothe my baby.

Teething time can definitely have some rough patches but I'm glad Nuby teethers has our back!

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Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine. 
Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I believe are wonderful and think you will love too!

New Counter Tops For Under $100

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
My husband and I are fairly recent home owners. We love our home but their is always some type of project we are working on. Painting, new door, floor, windows...Home Depot is starting to know us by our first name!  

Our counter tops have been something we have been looking into updating but we weren't exactly sure what we wanted to do. Getting completely new counters can be pricey. When we found out about Instant Granite we were interested in using the product for our household. For just under $100 dollars you can update your kitchen counters.

The Product

There are several different styles of product to choose from. We decided that the Instant Granite in Luna Pearl would be the best option for what we wanted in our kitchen. They have a total of 5 different vinyl films to choose from. What's great is that the company will send you samples of any product to make sure it will be a perfect fit for your project.

The five different styles of film to choose from.

There are several features with this product that make it stand out above other film products. Instant Granite has a no bubble backing. This makes it easy to peal and reapply when working on your project. It also will leave no reside on your counters when you do decide to remove it. This is really great for people looking to change the look of a rental property. One can upgrade the counters and easily remove the film without damaging the original counters.

Each order comes with the length of film ordered (up to 30 ft), a squeegee, and instructions on how to install the project. Once this vinyl film is applied it should be good for about 4 years. There are a few limitations to this product. First, you cannot cut on this product and it will melt when items hotter than 190 degree F are placed on the surface. Also, you cannot use abrasive cleaner on the product.

Besides kitchens there are several other ways you can use this film! 

Laundry room
Craft Projects


To get ready for the project we made sure the counter tops in the kitchen were cleaned thoroughly and dry. There are a few tips I'll give you on completing a project with this film. I highly recommend taking the sink out to complete this project in a bathroom or kitchen. It makes the process of laying down the film a lot easier. In addition you should also have a very sharp knife/razor to make precise cuts around the back splash and counter edges. Lastly, if you are covering counters I suggest you have two people working on this project. One person to hold the film and removing the backing, while the other person is placing the film and removing air bubbles with the squeegee. There is definitely a learning curve with this product.

Here are our before and after photos!



Close up of counter top.

Overall I like the look of the finished product. From prep time to completion it took just under three hours to have it finished. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to make a low budget change to their household. 

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Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.
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