DIY Personalize your Ornaments!

by - 12/12/2012 09:52:00 PM

So today we finally got a Christmas tree and I have to say it's wonderful! There is nothing better than that smell a fresh tree brings into a home. One of the best parts of getting a tree is hanging all the ornaments up and thinking back on memories each object ignites. Recently we have been making our own ornaments from things we enjoy. It's great because it really personalizes the tree. One we made at our house tonight were some fishing lures. Fishing is a passion in our home and what better way to show that then to use a lure you actually use. This would also make a thoughtful gift! As a fun decoration that was made tonight was a liquor bottle. Check 'em out! What are some neat, personalized ornaments you have made?

Hope everyone is having a fun, stress free week :)

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