Tyler's Coffee {Review}

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I recently got to review Tyler's Coffee. What makes this product so unique is the fact that it is acid free. Typical coffee contains acid, which can result in stomach problems. Some aspects of this coffee that appealed to me was it reduces the damage to tooth enamel, reduces acid reflux, and makes great alternative for sensitive stomachs. 

About Tylers Acid Free Coffee 
Tylers Coffee being an acid free coffee is an innovative twist on an age old commodity and arguably the largest invention in the coffee world since decaffeination. Being acid free, Tylers Coffee lacks a bitter after-taste as well as the negative side effects associated with acidic drinks.Tylers coffee is made from grade AAA rated Brazilian Arabica beans. The bean itself and its maturation are essential components that contribute greatly in the making of each cup of Tylers Coffee.

What I thought about the coffee:
I made my coffee just before I drove into work....put in my favorite animal print mug of course! :) I really did enjoy the taste of the coffee. It did taste a little different than my coffee I usually drink (Folgers). The seemed like the taste you would get with a light roast coffee. Also, I did notice that the coffee itself is very gentle on your stomach. Sometimes coffee can have a negative effect on indigestion. Another negative effect it didn't have was a bitter after taste. That was probably the biggest advantage for me. 

The only downside to this product is the price. A 10 oz bag of Tyler's cost $29.97.

Overall, I really enjoyed the taste of the brew I made this morning. It was exciting to try something new in the caffeine realm.

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  1. We thank you for your feedback. Please try our latest offering, free sample of Regular/Decaf ground coffee, available at http://tylerscoffees.com/samples/


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