Doggie Lawn {Review}

Friday, July 26, 2013

About Doggie Lawn:
DoggieLawn is based in Los Angeles and was started in 2011 in an effort to find a more eco-friendly alternative to the pet potty products out there. Synthetic grass or plastic ”wee-wee pads” are horrible for the environment because they do not break down in landfills and their synthetic contents take copious amounts of energy to produce and transport.

Born out of this problem was DoggieLawn! Our service is designed to minimize all these issues. It’s an easy way for dog owners to allow their dogs access to a bathroom yet does not require  all the extra work that other pet potty boxes required.

What Bella reviewed:
Doggie Lawn Standard

The Doggie Lawn is a pretty neat concept. Every week or every other week the company sends you fresh grass for your little furry friend to do its business on. This alternative is eco-friendly in many ways! Once you are done with the box it is biodegradable/recyclable; something you can't say about artificial turf. They are also extremely easy to manage. No gross clean up needed! I think what I liked best about this product was the smell of the grass. It was fresh and added a little outdoors to the indoors. Bella liked the grass too! She played in it as well as used it for potty purposes. At first I didn't know if she would understand what to do with it (still being a potty training puppy) but she did.

Bella checking out her Doggie Lawn!

This is perfect for...
  • House training 
  • Fur baby owners living in an apartment or condo
  • Cold or rainy weather
  • Eco-friendly alternative to potty pads
Getting started is easy! First, head to the Doggie Lawn website and set up an account. Then every other week a new doggie lawn gets shipped right to your door. The box is $15 plus an additional $10 for shipping. Once you get the box place the lawn where the dog can access it and you are done. Now you and your dog will be happy campers. The only maintenance on your part is picking up solids and watering the grass every few days.

Connect with Doggie Lawn:

Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.


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