Hugrz: Boots Transformed {Review}

Sunday, September 22, 2013
About Hugrz:
Hugrz are one of the fastest growing trends. Recently featured on the Today show, they've also been seen on many celebrities. These accessories simply slip over your shoes to add a pop of color and texture. Wear them scrunched down on short boots, pulled up on tall boots, or pulled up on your legs to make your short boots look tall! Make them even more your own by switching out the accessories. While they were originally designed for the various shearling boots, they look great on many styles, including heels, little booties and even cowboy boots!

Fall is almost here. Time to start thinking about jazzing up those boots!

What I reviewed:
I was so excited to get the chance to try Hugrz! Living in New England means colder weather is right around the corner. During fall and winter I am almost always wearing boots. Sometimes those boots can get boring and what better way to jazz them up than to up a pair of Hugrz on them. 
What's great about these fashion accessories is it can be wore both over a boot or inside it. This makes for two unique ways to rock your style. You can also customize this wrap further with adding accessories found at Hugrz.
I picked the Ziggy Knit in the Bennington Collection. I chose this item because I love the colors used; turquoise, black, purple, camel and cream. This wraps works best with boots with a circumference of 12" and can be used with boots up to 14" tall. I wish the circumference of the wrap was a little bigger (or have the option to making it larger). My calves are larger and it was hard to fit them on my taller boots. 

Connect with Hugrz:

Disclosure: I received products for the purpose of an honest review. I did not receive any form of monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. These actually look pretty good! I would like to put them on my boots this winter too.

  2. I love these they really change up the boots they are on from casual to dressy!


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