Simply Bridal "Try At Home" {Review}

Sunday, July 20, 2014

About Simply Bridal:

They are a LA based company that value quality and honesty. At SimplyBridal our experts make our wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, using only high-quality materials. We provide romantic, classic, and fashion-forward wedding gowns that will match your body and personality. 

Simply Bridal has high quality dresses at a budget conscious bride.

What I reviewed:

I reviewed the new Simply Bridal "Try At Home" program!

Simply Bridal has a new option called "Try At Home" (currently in beta and available to the US only) that allows you to try up to two gowns on, before you decide to purchase it. Try before you buy!

It only take 3 easy steps:

1) Pick your favorite dresses from their collection. The cost is $19.95 for up to two dresses. 

2) Try it at home and get the opinion of your family & friends! You'll have 7 days to get comfortable with the dress and see if you love it. 
3) Ship it back to us with the provided prepaid shipping label and receive a $19.95 credit towards your next purchase!

Positives: The program gives you the chance to have gowns delivered to your door. I don't know many companies that offer this type of program. It's a neat concept and you get a credit for $19.95 for your next order. In addition, custom service is top notch with Simply Bridal. I have been working with a women name Shelly and she has been nothing but helpful! Custom service can be such a critical piece lost in companies but not Simply Bridal.

Negatives: First, dresses need to have an expanded size options. The only sizes they have at the moment are small and large. The size large is suppose to fit up at size 30, however one gown fit like a size 10. Also, there seemed to be a lot of restrictions and slight hassle in the program. Everything must be stored inside out and vacuumed sealed within 7 days. Tags that are damaged incur a $100 fee. If you mail the dresses out past 7 days you may get charged an additional $20.

Overall, I didn't love and hate the program, the positives and negatives balance themselves out.

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